We are a Minneapolis-based, full service production company whose purpose is to create impactful human content and compelling brand focused entertainment through the vibrant and diverse lenses of food, culture and travel.

Launched in 2014, Intuitive Content develops and produces dynamic original television and broadcast specials, while partnering with some of the world's biggest companies to create brand-driven series and web content. Our expertise and focus is in creating entertainment around captivating human narrative, food, lifestyle and travel. We have dedicated ourselves to illuminating cultures around the globe with integrity and an exceptional production value.

For brands looking to engage and inspire – we problem solve – seeking out the untold stories and providing an effective global channel to change the hearts and minds of others to build a better world. Committed to the process of fact-based storytelling – we never bend the truth for the quick satisfaction of convenience. Making genuine content is hard, but we put in the time and do the work, because authentic stories have more than just the power to entertain.

That's truly Intuitive Content.